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Every man wanted to be in Homicide.

To become a man, a boy had to put down his toy sword, and pick up the true effigy. To accomplish that, he had to realize the world was not divided into black and white. He had to find his dragon to slay. Once all was fulfilled, the man would become the hero, the dragon the villain, thus solidifying the black and white world for new little boys.

It was the murder of Gilroy Donne that had designated James Donnelly's monster. In the calm, quiet lake in which he had played as a child, Gilroy's remains were uncovered from beneath an overturned boat, his throat slit. His empty seat in Donnelly's classroom became a shrine to the loss of human innocence. No cared about the kids who weren't as well off. James left the empty chair behind to accompany his father to the textile mill that following spring.

Gilroy didn't matter. A paycheck mattered. Food mattered. At night, he stalked ever more slowly home, keeping pace with his father. James's fist clenched at the sheer apathy. The heroes were replaced by factory workers, and Ireland was under the yoke of the Brits. Banging that fist upon the kitchen table, James exclaimed his indignation at his father until he was rewarded with a black eye.

The door slammed shut behind James with finality, a satchel slung over his back. His mother called out for her oldest son to return. He was running away, having no clue where to begin when it came to tracking down the lake monster. He would simply have to try again, he concluded, setting his sights on a new heading.

Work, unfortunately, was a trap Donnelly failed to escape, the colossus of metal, smoke, and money reigning over him, and strangling him with exhaustion and starvation.

At age sixteen, two-thirds of a year after his arrival to this foreign country, Donnelly's drifting brought him to Los Angeles, where he decided to set his hammer down. At least, that was the version he told others; in reality, he had been laid off, and the police academy had provided him with his next meal.

Brandishing his fists and a gun, he unleashed years of pent-up rage. Columbia became his consort, and he defended her from all matter of deviance. It was little wonder that he was promoted to Homicide, his exploits earning him a legendary status in the police department. More stories had to be told, and more heroes had to be made, Donnelly decided. If there would be a new mythology to inspire the people to greatness, it would be of the LAPD.

Before the press, Donnelly stood, declaring the heroism of the Homicide division, and pulling these passionless people from the factories to awaken their sensibilities with tales of heroes and villains once more.

"Wait, please, I didn't do it!"

Oh dear, a dragon has his role confused.
Story Time (L.A. Noire 4F)
I can't say I like Donnelly, due to his violent tendencies, and his one-sided way of seeing things. There also is the fact that he is a publicity hog. That being said, it was fun to write things from his point of view.

Prompt: Spring (can be used as theme or wording)
Word Count: 481
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
It was like candy, no one could resist.

A little girl, sucking on a peppermint stick, stared at Roy as he drove by. The quintessential candy snatcher, Roy made the big kids cry.

The orange glow of the sunset poured into his vehicle, drawing giggles from the girls on the sidewalk. A jealous boyfriend tugged one of them away, her bare legs bending as she tried to stand her ground.

He'd seen legs like those during a brothel raid back in '41. The under aged girl had clutched a shabby blanket to herself, and shuddered in fear.

Not even the "virtuous" police force could keep from sampling the candy. Leary boasted a clean Traffic department, but who gave a flying fuck about cars when people were gunned down over drugs?

Phelps was cracking; Homicide just wasn't agreeing with him.

Putting up his arm, Roy shielded himself as the sun's rays hit the rear view mirror.

"Let go of me!" Elsa snapped, attempting to jerk from his grasp.

Roy's punch cracked into the side of her face, sending her back a few steps. Elsa caught herself by splaying out her hands. A bruise cut roughly into her cheek. She glared defiantly at him, a lock of hair falling into her face.

The girl in the brothel, by contrast, had shrunk back, whimpering. He'd been softer then, holding out his hand and asking her name. She'd shaken her head, her arm turning to reveal syringe marks. "I-I don't have a name."

The kids had been all junkies, six girls and three boys. Leading this confused shade by the arm, the bed sheet whispering after her, Roy had found he didn't care whether they had actually been junkies of their own accord; they were all nothing now, their young lives drained out of them.

It was a mystery why he didn't arrest Elsa, despite her mouthing off to him (which seemed to be more frequent after she had met Phelps). Perhaps it was some remnant of bright-eyed nature left over, before men like Vernon Mapes showed him how the world truly worked, that stayed his hand. That was doubtful, however, as the broad wasn't worth saving.

Cole was a different story. Roy saw so much of the former knight in shining armor he once was in Phelps. He hated who Roy Earle used to be, but that could rest for now. Cole would be useful to him in the future.

So he left Elsa with a bruise that he knew Cole would see.

The last rays of the sun faded as Roy grinned at his reflection in his apartment bathroom. Fastening his hand about his false teeth, he pulled them out to place in the container. His smile fell as he stared at his pale gums, and realized that he saw Elsa staring back at him.

Even the candy snatcher couldn't resist.
Sugar High (L.A. Noire 4F)
Roy is a difficult character to pin down, but the fact that there is not much known about him gives me at least a little room to work with. I thought the irony of him also using drugs to the point where his teeth have fallen out would add an interesting dynamic between Elsa and him. Besides, Roy is a dirty cop and a massive hypocrite, and I would not put this past him.

Prompt: Mystery (can be used as theme or wording)

Length: 479 words 


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It's been a while, hasn't it? 

My productivity on this site this year was utterly pathetic. As I've stated on a previous entry, fanficiton is becoming more and more sidelined as a hobby of mine, especially due to the escalation of commitments I have in real life. The thing is, however, I'm not quitting until I have finished all that needs completed, whether they be request fics, chapter fics that I have begun, or short story ideas, both those posted on the list I have made for myself on my FF.Net profile, and those that fill my noggin in-between fanfic postings. Then again, I've already proved myself to be a one-trick fandom pony over the years; I write more character driven short stories, as opposed to complicated fanfics, and honestly, it's a result of personal preference. I've seen excellent chapter fics, and do not knock their authors for writing them, but for me, due to the problems I incur with world-building in fanfics and plot-related issues, not to mention consumption of time, I tend to stray. On the other hand, I cannot simply say, "I don't want to do this because this is too hard." That is an utter cop-out, not to mention that not all chapter fanfics have to be long and complicated.

Why did I mention that? because a year has passed, and I've yet to update White Feather and Red Poppy due to schedule slippage. Sorry to those who have been waiting on another chapter; I have by no means abandoned it, but it's taking time to figure out what direction to take the story in.

On the other hand, I made headway with my novel, but progress on it could be faster. I've only seven chapters left to write, but my writing pace is horrendous. I guess it can be excused because I started writing it when I was sixteen, and had to take long breaks for research, but I will need to seek out an ulterior source of encouragement, as I cannot be trusted to meet my own deadlines. Term papers? Done. Entries for the campus literary journal? No problem, because both deadlines were set in stone. In general, I need to imporve my writing pace anyway. The shortest amount of time it took me to write a fanfic was four hours, and that was a flash fanfic. Original and longer fan works take me days to weeks, and that is not acceptable. On top of that, something has to give. What is more important to me, fan work or original work? I'm leaning more and more toward the latter. While I appreciate my history with fan art (it does chronicle the adolescence of my life, after all), it's not my work and not my characters, rather my interpretation of a work that I like. But to truly create my own work...Even if this doesn't get published, or if it does, and doesn't make bank, I wouldn't care. This story will be written to the last letter and period.

Visited New York City today, and got to see Times Square and Rockefeller Plaza. As it turned out, the ball that drops on New Year's Eve is actually quite small in scale, and it does not fall very far. On New Year's Eve itself, I won't be celebrating; I have to work the next morning. Perhaps I'll spend it writing.

Happy New Year, everyone!:party:
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