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It isn't going to last.

Cole's an occasional guest, Elsa reminds herself as she pushes him back against the wall in an overpowering kiss. He'll learn her house rules.

It wasn't going to last.

Her parents' bodies, laden with bullet holes, littered the ground.

Through black and white newsreels, she and Lou saw the gruesome fate of their forsaken homeland, displayed for the world to see and spit upon.

It wasn't going to last.

Lou crashed to earth, and drifted away after the ghosts of her past.

In retrospect, she shouldn't have cried about it. She felt pathetic for believing that someone was going to remain in her life for long when experience had already taught her better.

It isn't going to last.

To this day, she gives a self-deprecating smirk at just what Cole must have thought of her when he first saw her, sobbing and pumped full of morphine.

He's too polite to say when asked.

His eyes were the first thing she herself saw of him, reflected back at her in her vanity's mirror. Elsa knew all too well the sheer melancholy within them.

Light glints off his wedding band. She would never force him to leave his wife and children, and she knows he isn't compelled to budge, anyway. She respects him for that, and envies him a little in his attempt to live a dream she herself had removed from her mind years ago. Why bother to want a family, when someone could put a gun to her husband's head, and brainwash her children into becoming perfect soldiers?

It isn't going to last.

She smiles knowingly as she lets Cole inside. "Did I answer all of your questions, Detective?"

He cups her chin. "I'm afraid not." Stroking along her jawline, he adds in a sultry tone, "I think I'll have to use more creative methods of coaxing the information out of you, Miss Lichtmann."

He's rougher than usual. Elsa knows her hips will be bearing bruises, but she could care less. Adrenaline pulses through him, revealing that he's in fact, a man, rather than a self-constructed machine.

He doesn't have to say good bye; the expression on his face says enough. Standing at the gap between two worlds, Cole hesitates, his hand above the door knob.

She's used to partings, so it's all right. But she silently wonders if solving even this case, one of a caliber that just may solidify him as a legendary figure, is truly enough to dispatch that deep sadness he carries with him. She knows he'll have to find it in himself to let it go, and understands that she must also speak for herself on that account.

It wasn't supposed to last.

With no place else to go, he crawls, an exhausted shell of a man, back to her apartment that following night. He knocks, and she realizes that she is all that he has now.
Transient (L.A. Noire 4F)
In which I don't portray Elsa merely as Roy's punching bag/an emotional support beam for once. Sorry about that tending to be a recurring theme in the past.

Prompt: Twist
Words: 487
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
He misses them sometimes.

Other times, he wonders if he really had them at all.

Marie, he had felt her when they were young. As the outside world plunged into war in 1939, Marie fell asleep on Cole's shoulder, an open copy of Orestes in his lap.

1940 found them lying together, their bodies slick and dirtying the sheets, but the two of them too tired to care. She remembered how lazily the fan chopped the musky air. He remembered how she traced her fingers over his hair, sticky and standing up everywhere.

In 1941, she walked the beach with him, leaning on his arm somewhat from the weight of the unborn child. Wanda came that spring. For a few months, they enjoyed the fragile peace. He'd rocked Wanda back to sleep after nightmares and a fit of colic that had been the source of the most fear he had felt in his life (until Okinawa).

I have to go. They're just like us. I have to go. They'll take Marie away. I have to go. Wanda needs her father. I have to go.

Gwen was the daughter of the new Cole, the faulty lieutenant who shot Japs in the back. Cole subconsciously felt a little more drawn toward Wanda, the sister that been a piece of who he once was.

Decorated with a Silver Star that he placed away and forbid his daughters to touch, he wore the skin of a civil servant. He'd make something of himself. He'd be a better man.

"My daddy's a hero!"

Your daddy, little girl, placed innocent men behind bars.

Confiding in Elsa had allowed him at least some semblance of sanity to even feel worthy of Marie and his daughters. Cole shuddered to think of the possibility of what he might have degraded into, had he not met her. Stuart Ackerman stared at him from across the interrogation table.

On the front lawn, he'd begged to see Wanda and Gwen, but in his heart, he had hoped against hope that they were asleep. Please, don't prop your elbows on the windowsill. Don't press your face to the glass.

Elsa lets him have his peace. With a pat on the arm, she tells him to wake her if he needs anything.

Sipping his scotch, he stares at the shadows on the wall, his heart breaking as he thinks of Wanda being bullied over her father's mistake, and Gwen crying because she doesn't understand why Daddy is gone.

Elsa softly shakes him awake. The scotch is a dark puddle on the floor. Marie would've killed him for it. Elsa merely kneels down, and helps him to stand, leading him through a ballroom of ghosts and might-have-beens.

Who will Wanda marry? What will she name her children? Protectively he held her, that swaddled baby in his arms.

Elsa curls up beside him, his shoulder raised and the sheet slipping off, the fan whirling lazily overhead.
War Babies (L.A. Noire 4F)
Prompt: Father (can be used as theme/wording)
Words: 490

Inspired by the song, "When the Circus Came to Town," by Voltaire. 

Because I get wishy-washy when I think of Cole's personal relationships with his children. Also, it was interesting to write a sexual take on Marie. She's the obvious Betty to Elsa's Veronica, but the fact of the matter is that she wasn't just the mother of Cole's children; she was also his bedfellow. For contrast, I focused upon Elsa's "Betty" qualities, such as the fact that she provides emotional support to Cole. 

Wanda and Gwen's names are neither established in canon, nor are their birth dates, which gave me more material to work with. Gwen was a furlough baby in this. 
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore)
"Take the fall."

Much to his own disgust at himself, Albert actually found the option to be preferable to facing the mob's wrath.

The whale of Nazi Germany gaped its mouth open wantonly to swallow Great Britain. The streets of London were buried in rubble from attack after attack.

Candy folded her arms. "What I'm going to do with you, Albert, I don't know."

"Trust me just this once more, it's all I ask," Albert replied, the blinds casting silver light over his face. He silently swallowed down the doubt that her trust might not be enough; they could be caught.

Candy frowned. "Then what, your ego will get us into more trouble?"

"It's not ego, it's honor,'" His voice grew more intense as he added, "I have never thrown a fight. Why should I start now?"

"You're gonna get killed, that's why!"

"I was going to be killed back in the war."

Candy shook her head. "Leave the war behind, Albert."

"I wish to do so," he replied sympathetically, "but I must fight for what I believe is right. It's not as if I haven't had the fear for my life placed into me before."

Albert grunted from where he lay, his back pressed into the mud as attempted to push the knife point away from his face. His harried expression was reflected back to him by the blade. The Waffen-SS man tilted it to align with the soft flesh of Albert's neck, and his blood ran onto the blade's surface.

From the rubble, London rose anew, the scar on Albert's neck covered in Candy's lipstick. Los Angeles had been whole for Candy, untouched by the enemy. Though she had offered solace to a wounded knight, she didn't truly understand that fear of a stronger, darker being ripping all she loved from her. For the sake of his pride, he had to stand stalwart. He had to throw the winning punch in the boxing ring, rather than retreat with his tail between his legs just because someone thought he was washed up. Even if that meant bidding her farewell. "Just one last fight. We'll leave this city behind, and then," he tugged a cord to open the blinds and look outside, "we'll start our life together."

"Albert," he turned at the mournful tone in her voice, "not this time."

"Any particular reason?"

Her voice rose in frustration. "You don't know when to stop fighting."

He clutched at the windowsill, but said nothing.

She walked over to the chest of the drawers. Placed on top of it was a lone photo of the two of them, his arms about her waist. The picture frame thumped as Candy turned it to lay face down.

The Waffen-SS man, his throat slit by his own knife, lay motionless on the ground. Albert, bedraggled, and a kerchief held to his bleeding neck, stumbled away into the rain.

So be it.
Against the Wall (L.A. Noire 4F)
Set prior to "The Set Up."

Inspired by the song, "Truth," by Seether, particularly the music video. 

Speaking of, the whale's mouth metaphor came from a video clip that sampled Winston Churchill's "We Shall Never Surrender" speech, as seen at the introduction to this music video:…

Regarding Albert's flashback to the fight with the Waffen-SS soldier: I had a few qualms about posting that sequence due to regards for historical accuracy, but I felt that it would mirror his fight against Kid Galahad.

Prompt: Inner Conflicts
Words: 486


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New entry, new avatar.

Sorry about the lack of journal updates for months; I had been tied up with the last semester of my undergraduate courses. Now that the semester has ended, I have my bachelor's degree in hand. One year of integrated graduate courses remains, and then I will have my master's degree. It's funny, really; I discovered this site when I was thirteen, I got an account a month after I turned fourteen, and now, on the eve preceding my twenty-second year, I still hang around.

Enough sentimental waxing. I owe an explanation for the L.A. Noire overload; one of the groups on this site that I am a member of has a flash fiction prompt posted on a weekly basis. I said in a conversation with someone back in January that L.A. Noire has a big enough world to create many stories out of, and decided to challenge myself accordingly by filling each weekly prompt with one L.A. fanfic per week. 

I'm working on filling out a few requests I got, as well as White Feather and Red Poppy at last, but the projects are on the back burner for the moment. I'm not leaving this hobby behind, but it is what it is, a hobby. Welcome to my account, and welcome back, respectively, and feel free sit back; aside from the flash fiction prompts, time frames will be relaxed.

I issued a second challenge to myself to this year: get into more anime. So far, I've watched ten serieses to the end:
-Big O
-Serial Experiments Lain
-Ergo Proxy
-Outlaw Star
-Tiger & Bunny
-Paranoia Agent
-Wolf's Rain

If anyone has any anime recommendations, let me know. I'm pretty much riding by the seat of my pants when it comes to what series to watch next (as long as it's good), but please, no 100+ episode anime! :faint:
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