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She waits for the phone to ring.

On movie posters, June was usually the one held captive by monsters or aliens for a grizzled hero to save. It wasn't necessarily something to win awards with, but she was loved by the young men who saw it.

She was worshipped for her beauty, and even as her looks began to fade, she was promised more roles in the future. "We'll call you! It'll just be like old times, with 'June Ballard' up in lights again!"

So, she waits for the phone to ring.

She and Guy spill wine the over sounds falling coin and male patrons catcalling at dancing showgirls. Confetti falls through the air like the rice that rained down on them after their wedding. Guy had proved a sweetheart under it all, having gotten down on one knee to ask her to be his moll in the city of sin.

When the phone doesn't ring, she decides to pick it up herself. Her niece was always so enamored by her tales of Hollywood, and bringing up a new pretty face would certainly give June the recognition needed to land roles again. She just has to make sure that Jessica doesn't outshine her. If Jessica wants to last in show business, she has to understand that anything could be sold for fame.

"Ah yes, dear, you have the most beautiful dimple, right there, in fact. Now everyone will love it. Let's just fix your hair like this… Wow, you're a Judy Garland in disguise! See?" June exclaims as the best beauticians Guy's money can afford fuss over Jessica.

As June hugs her grinning niece from behind, their faces, old and young, reflected back in the mirror as they smile, Jessica gaily and June falsely, she cannot help but feel envious. Hometown beauty that she is, Jessica commands the hearts of more men that she actually knows.

Yet, this was the same girl she had once watched walk in her aunt's less expensive shoes with her lips held in a pout, and a stick in hand as if it were a cigarette lighter. It was such a silly parody, especially considering how oversized the heels were, that June hadn't been able to help but find it endearing.

Withdrawing, June takes her niece's shoulders, and turns her about. Jessica's smile fades at the stern expression on her face. "Aunt Junie, what's wrong?"

The makeup makes her look too old. Shouldn't she be getting sodas with her friends?

"Are you sure this is what you what, Jessica?" She asks, "Because I can drive you right back home."

Jessica smiles. "Of course it is."

Well, she had asked her, therefore she cannot be held responsible for the consequences. "All right, kiddo. Look sharp, you're in Hollywood now."
Star Girl (L.A. Noire 4F)
Prompt: Irregular Verbs. (Verbs used: Come, give, held, fall, prove, spill, gotten, outshine, see, feel, find)
Words: 463

Sorry about there not being a fanfic last week. There wasn't a prompt out. Ah well, no problem! :)

A lot of my influence for this one came from Sunset Boulevard. What an excellent film. 

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Nice guys finished last.

Roy, traversing Hollywood as he did on a daily basis, could list many more unfortunate clichés like that which proved, in his experience, to be true. The bright-eyed Hollywood hopeful sucked the director's cock for a part. The "devoted housewife" fucked a guy ten years her junior behind her husband's back.

"Hey handsome, come back to bed," invited some floozy with a nice rack and long blonde hair. She dropped the sheet at her chest ever so slightly to reveal a nipple.

"Clean yourself up, and get out," Roy tossed over his shoulder as he shut his bedroom door behind himself.

Common men romanticized the polished of image of the gangster, presented to them by Hollywood to capitalize on the monotony of their lives. Crusty old men felt up little boys and girls who cried for their parents.

Roy couldn't keep the shit-eating grin off of his face, despite the loaded gun in front of it. Cole barely kept his anger at bay behind his Colt, and all the while wore his nicely pressed suit. A ghost of Phelps's past lay at his feet, and Roy figured that Cole's wallet probably still held a picture of his wife and children.

He needed to credit Cole, and Elsa as well, for playing their parts in this little drama of the utterly destroyed Golden Boy. The Academy Award, if you please! Fork over the royalties, pronto!

Bring out the best scotch! Who gives a fuck, I can pay for it!

He wakes up with a hangover. Stumbling slightly, and taking care not to trip on a bottle, he comes back to do it all again.

Bring on the sludge of Tinsel Town, and Roy can find a way to spin it to gold. At some point, he resolves, he might reel in a nice-looking broad that will give him some kids as a legacy. No need to worry; Roy has more than enough sense to pick one that can keep her mouth shut, and hold the sniveling brats at bay.

The whirring of the elevator gives Roy pause.

Roy leans back against the wall, and the apartment complex elevator rumbles past him. A young man walks by him, but doesn't acknowledge his presence.

His vision swims, and he presses his hand to his throbbing forehead. Roy's surroundings feel hollow to him, as if he is encased in a rubber tube.

He decorates that tube with his spun gold, but it doesn't take away that disturbing image ripped from his memory from another elevator car: the utterly haunted look in Cole's eyes, and the slight slumping forward of his shoulders, as if before the executioner's blade. "Life has a way of making you pay for your pride."

The elevator's doors whoosh open, breathing air into the tube, and Roy straightens up. "Co—"

A stranger brushes past him upon exit, and the half-formed name of his former partner dies on Roy's lips.
The Show Must Go On (L.A Noire 4F)

Even if Roy didn't receive his just due at the end of L.A. Noire, he still is nothing more than an overindulgent shell of a man. This story was inspired by "Hedonism" by Skunk Anansie.

:iconfacepalmplz: Oh great, I mentioned alcohol in this story. 

Words: 493

Prompt: Avoid all forms of "to be."


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"My standards are as high as the last glass of whiskey," Stefan had proclaimed once to Cole.

He'd brought his glass full of straight whiskey together with Audrey's. She was a lightweight, and as if to emphasize that point, she had invested quite an amount of money into her hairstyle. Still, he wondered, as he helped her toddle back to his car, with his coat draped over her, if she should ask for her money back. Her hair resembled a wad of spat out chewing gum to him, and the alcohol unfortunately loosened his tongue on that point.

He stirred one last swill on the night she stood him up, and joked with the bartender that Audrey was probably out berating her hairdresser. It gave the guy a laugh, but it didn't clear Stefan's tab. Eh, it was worth a shot.

He usually drank scotch with Nancy.

She rolled her eyes at the "Nancy Drew" moniker that was often applied to her. With a toss of her head, she told him about her career as a photographer for some women's magazine. She was the more attentive of the girls, in that she nodded and listened intently whenever he told her about some of his odder cases. It reminded him a little of Cole in that sense, and, therefore, it was no wonder she was quite boring to him.

With some alcohol in her, though, she went crazy. Nancy battle-scarred him in bed more than once, and it was certainly worth it each time. At some point, she disappeared from sight, probably to find another thrill in her otherwise mundane life.

For now, bourbon serves as the good stuff.

Daphne provides a good way to blow off steam, though not always in bed. They'll go dancing, or to the flicks, a standard kind of fair for a standard kind of people. Stefan scoffs at the fact that he is actually acting like a respectable man.

Daphne waves her hand with a laugh. "It's not something we have to do for long. You'd be too lazy for the real thing, anyway."

Stefan shrugs at that. "Well, you've got me pegged."

She doesn't always show up, and it keeps him guessing. He plays the same game, leaving her with an empty stool beside her. The bartender can't quite tell what the hell is going on.

Daphne sidles up to take the empty bar stool beside him with a smirk. "Hey handsome, how about a drink?"

Stefan smiles invitingly at her. He can't say no to a pretty girl. "Fine by me, but you're paying to fill your own glass."

Daphne grimaces, though it is in good humor. "Okay officer, you caught me."
One More Round (L.A. Noire 4F)
Prompt: Genre Swap. As of late, I've written either a) horror or b) tragic romance. So, I decided to do romantic comedy.
Words: 449

Think of this as the antithesis to Transient. Stefan's a fun character to write for. He was a little difficult at first, but as I got more used to writing him, I found that I really liked his laid back attitude. It's more of a fun facet to illustrate to him, as I opposed to what I wrote in Street Brawl. 

I'm not a drinker, so I know I'm shooting from the hip when it comes to the types of alcohol I'm listing. :iconheaddeskplz: For that matter, I need to stop writing about alcohol in reference to the L.A. Noire cast, especially Cole and Stefan. It must be old hat by this point.


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New entry, new avatar.

Sorry about the lack of journal updates for months; I had been tied up with the last semester of my undergraduate courses. Now that the semester has ended, I have my bachelor's degree in hand. One year of integrated graduate courses remains, and then I will have my master's degree. It's funny, really; I discovered this site when I was thirteen, I got an account a month after I turned fourteen, and now, on the eve preceding my twenty-second year, I still hang around.

Enough sentimental waxing. I owe an explanation for the L.A. Noire overload; one of the groups on this site that I am a member of has a flash fiction prompt posted on a weekly basis. I said in a conversation with someone back in January that L.A. Noire has a big enough world to create many stories out of, and decided to challenge myself accordingly by filling each weekly prompt with one L.A. fanfic per week. 

I'm working on filling out a few requests I got, as well as White Feather and Red Poppy at last, but the projects are on the back burner for the moment. I'm not leaving this hobby behind, but it is what it is, a hobby. Welcome to my account, and welcome back, respectively, and feel free sit back; aside from the flash fiction prompts, time frames will be relaxed.

I issued a second challenge to myself to this year: get into more anime. So far, I've watched ten serieses to the end:
-Big O
-Serial Experiments Lain
-Ergo Proxy
-Outlaw Star
-Tiger & Bunny
-Paranoia Agent
-Wolf's Rain

If anyone has any anime recommendations, let me know. I'm pretty much riding by the seat of my pants when it comes to what series to watch next (as long as it's good), but please, no 100+ episode anime! :faint:
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